NAX Nordic | Building Svenska Domäner’s Online Presence
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Building Svenska Domäner’s Online Presence


Building Svenska Domäner’s Online Presence

We are thrilled to welcome Svenska Domäner to our brand family at Nax. Svenska Domäner is one of the leading companies in the web hosting and domain management market in the Nordic countries. The company aims to be their clients’ best partner in web hosting and has been doing so since their start in 1991. Their collaboration with us, at Nax Nordic, starts effective immediately on May 2, 2017.

Svenska Domäner has recently gone through big structural changes and are now ready to improve and strengthen their brand through marketing campaigns (digital and social) and through a more active online presence. We will consult within marketing strategies, branding practices, creative outlooks and tone of voice, as well as manage the companies social media profiles. Furthermore, we will establish a new kind of customer service through social media

Having proper understanding of the market as well as designing our online presence are key factors in our success as an online service provider. We choose Nax to help us unleash the potential of our data and to implement a winning marketing strategy. With their expertise in fields of analytics, advertisement, marketing and PR we can skip several iterations of typical beginner mistakes and do things right from the beginning.” says Aleksandar Markovic, Head of Development, Svenska Domäner.